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For All The March Birthday Babies Who Got Robbed This Year

WWII by CL Sulzberger

Hair adorned with flower, a hostess at New York’s Stage Door Canteen offers birthday cake to servicemen.

Those of you denied birthday parties may have not even received cake this year. You can’t trust the local bakery to have prepared it covid-free. Perhaps you had to make do with queso de Swiss like Senor Gonzales here.


But from all us at “I Don’t Get It,” here’s wishing you a much better 2021!

15 thoughts on “For All The March Birthday Babies Who Got Robbed This Year”

    1. I imagine many people feel that way, especially since there are probably 20 million Gonzaleses. But I enjoyed the cartoon when I was little so there you go. Just don’t tell him to andele.

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  1. Yes! Happy birthday March babies!!! My daughter is turning 9 in April. She was so excited to hear that her bday does not fall during spring break this year so she could bring a treat to school to share with her class on her bday. Poor girl. Will have to do something fun at home for her.

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