7 thoughts on “When I See People Not Practicing Social Distancing”

  1. No playing croquet, either, youngsters! Kerbey, a major golf course here sent me an email yesterday proclaiming its rules for play with social distancing. Foam inserts instead of a hole so golfers don’t have to touch a ball that drops in. No carts to ride with a partner. So everybody walks. Pay ahead by card, no money taken because pro shop is closed, no workers at course. No water coolers or fountains turned on. All golfers in a foursome must stay six feet apart at all times. Golf in the New Normal. No, I have not signed up yet …

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    1. Sounds like they are making painstaking changes. But my question is always what about the public restrooms? That would keep me from going anywhere and doing anything. I guess golfers can disappear off into a bush…


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