Ripsnortin’ And Rootin’ Tootin’

1948 Ventana

As you can well see, we are less than a month until All Western Days. I realize we are in a bit of pandemic pickle as of late, but I see no reason to cancel every event everywhere, especially if it proves to be ripsnortin’. Don’t let it put a hitch in your giddyup.



21 thoughts on “Ripsnortin’ And Rootin’ Tootin’”

    1. That’s what I said, but they could be carriers who transmit it to other kids who get it and have mild or no symptoms, and then give it to their grandparents or whatnot. I envision it like lice, even though it’s nothing like that. We’re just on DAY ONE of spring break, and my son is already bored. They just now emailed us to say it’s going to be three weeks instead of one. Unprecedented.

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  1. My rip snortin’ has giddy-upped out of town. The 6 counties around San Francisco Bay have been put on “shelter-in-place” lockdown and we expect that to happen here too. All bars and restaurants shuttered already. All schools closed. So, of course, we went and did some hoardin’ at the Japanese market this morning ’cause a hungry AJF is not what you want around a locked-in house. No rice but they had Japanese beer on sale so there’s that. πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow. No lockdown here yet. Several people I know still took planes or drove to their Spring Break destinations, so they are posting pics of eating out, etc. So odd how different it is where you live. My Seattle friend says it’s so quiet there, and she already knows a person who passed from the virus. 😦 I don’t want to be on lockdown with no freedom.

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      1. We aren’t on lockdown per se – meaning we can still leave our homes to go out for walks and drives etc. Just everywhere is closed. Theaters, bars, venues, businesses… Grocery stores are still open and restaurants can do delivery or take out only. I don’t know that the parks are closed, I haven’t heard that they are but you have to do social distancing.

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  2. Well Indiana has gone the route of Ohio and Illinois. Effective Tuesday 3/17 all taverns and restaurants are closed except for carry out. Gyms and theaters are also included. St Patty’s parade was canceled Saturday. This is the dumbest thing I think I have ever seen. Hell I thought the cancellation of the Big 10 Tourney and March Madness was bad. These jokers are messing with people’s livlihoods now. I am really disappointed.

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    1. Oh, my. We ate out after church yesterday, and our favorite server was lamenting the low crowds. The govt isn’t going to reimburse him for tips, nor will his employer. It’s very sad.

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