Pepigram Binder Has Zero Google Matches

Well, now I suppose it has ONE match, for this blog post.

I can’t show you what a Pepigram Binder is, but these are evidently pepigrams that would have been stored in said three-ring binder.

As you might have figured, these came from my Granddad Bill’s stack of salvaged things. But as to this pepigram, I have no explanation. Pep-i-gram Bin-dah (sing to the tune of “Paperback Writer”…)

15 thoughts on “Pepigram Binder Has Zero Google Matches”

      1. Well, yes, and not exactly…

        .. there’s references in several newspapers from 1929-1930 about them, and it seems like such pepigrams were commonly used to personalize college yearbooks in the midwest and south around that era.

        I’m gonna hit the local University stacks on it when I get some time.

        🙂 It’s a cool deal you found !! 🙂

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