When The Movie Is About To Start But You Don’t Want To Rush Her

And the concession girl is making eyes at you

and you’re wondering why you even bothered to ask Nancy out

in the first place

to see the stupid “Pink Panther”

when you’d really prefer “The Great Escape” in the theater down the hall

and you’d just as soon shove the Necco wafers and Charleston Chews down her throat

so you don’t have to stand here impatiently

as the minutes tick by


13 thoughts on “When The Movie Is About To Start But You Don’t Want To Rush Her”

  1. Things sure have changed. Now the box of Mike & Ike’s or Good ‘n Plenty are about $19.99 each. In fact, we go to a “dine-in theater” (senior rates!) that has a bar and restaurant with delivery to your theater seat. The seats have recliner features, motorized and infinite space. The report that I sleep through rom-coms is, however, fake news.

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    1. Yep, that’s the right price. We choose the dining ones to the candy ones as well, but I haven’t been in over a year, so I haven’t tried the recliners. I bet they’re nice, although I would want them Lysoled after each flick.

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      1. You could always bring a spray can of Lysol. The other patrons would enjoy that. Meantime, I’ve never tried the food at the theater. It’s not a price issue, it’s trust. I don’t trust those darn pesky kids handling what I eat when it’s going from raw to edible. Plus eating a meal would distract me from the movie. We just Crazy Rich Asians and it was funny even though it was a rom-com.

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