Berlin 1947

American Red Cross by Atkins

An American Red Cross worker is snugly sandwiched between two soldiers in a requisitioned vehicle, as a Berlin traffic policeman directs them during a sightseeing tour.

photo by Acme

These hungry little tots are lined up for hot soup at one of the many Berlin soup kitchens. The feeding program began in November 1945, just months after WWII ended, seeking to aid the diet deficiencies incurred by the kids.

The caption on this next National Geographic image read Berlin Still Has Sidewalk Cafes, But Little Gayety. The glum faces in this British occupation zone belie the fact that it was, in fact, Easter. This wide strip of the Kurfürstendamm, the famous avenue in Berlin, was once well-known for shops, cabarets, cafes, and dance halls. Here, patrons drink imitation fruit juices and “ersatz” coffee, as there was no access to fine wines and liqueurs of yore.

For a larger dose of fun and frolic, Allied-victorious American soldiers made the six hour trek south of Berlin to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where they spent hours on the slopes.

William Weinstein from Black Star

Who could blame them?

5 thoughts on “Berlin 1947”

  1. At the risk of sounding Nationalistic I wish folks would look at what the US did to help Germany and Japan out after the war. Indeed all of Europe. Compare that to what the USSR did. On a jovial note that Berlin cop had a great hat.

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    1. Exactly. We’re always expected to give and give of our own resources to help others, and they curse us nonetheless. I am glad we were able to help the children of the people who tried to kill us, but yes, that should be recognized.

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