6 thoughts on “Shoot From The Hip”

  1. I think back to taking pictures with my Brownie, Second Model and then taking the spool of film to the drugstore and then waiting a week to see if my photos were any good. Usually they were terrible. Now, via my phone, I get instant feedback that my photos are lousy. This is progress? 🙂

    Hard to believe that the Brownie’s been around in one form or another for 118 years! There’s a wonderful website about that camera with some old ads (1900-1963) and other stuff that you might enjoy, Kerbey. Take a look at https://www.brownie-camera.com

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    1. My mom has told me of the Brownie she had in the 60s but I didn’t know Brownies were Scottish goblins till I read your link. If you had to hold it at waist level, like it says, it seems that it would be harder to use as your eyes aged post 40.


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