Home Victory Garden

This 1943-1944 calendar from the McFarland Company is full of lovely images, including this victory garden, popular during WWII. The floral side of gardening is covered in the month of July.

Bright colors fill the room for January.

And who wouldn’t want their yard filled with wisteria?

7 thoughts on “Home Victory Garden”

  1. That first garden would be excellent in the popular meme “expectations vs. reality.” It would be the “expectations,” of course. I can supply the “reality” photo complete with bugs, bare spots, dead plants and dirty everything. Also, that could never be a California garden because no kale.

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    1. Ha ha, no kale, no. I never see kale in WWII food recipes. Maybe it’s Communist at heart, though? I can supply a reality of things not even budding or getting through the topsoil. I’ve never seen that fruitful a garden.


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