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But Does It Gyrate? July 18, 2018

You KNOW it gyrates. It’s Gyrafoam.

Today, we take up where yesterday we left off. Smack dab in the middle of 1925, when women had no social media and were slaves to their chores.

But they had options! Another washing machine was this one from Laun-Dry-Ette.

Ain’t nobody got time for bluing, especially when there are floors to clean with Fuller Brushes.

And when you’re done brushing, you can sit on your can like Iris. Here she is, hitting up her best friend on the line, but she does it in style. The ad may be for Sellers Kitchen Cabinets, but all I see is a fab-u-lous crescent moon hat and a bold lip.

Oreos were introduced in 1912, but evidently some folks chose to put health biscuits in their pie holes instead. I’m sure they were a HIT at a kid’s birthday party.

Tommy seems to be trying to drown out the voices in his head, or the loud protests against health biscuits. Please, God, not health biscuits!

Somebody get Iris on the phone. It’s an emergency!





15 Responses to “But Does It Gyrate?”

  1. Benson Says:

    What a find you have here. I remember getting Arrowroot biscuits for my son’s teething. I have no idea what a Laun Dry Ette is. Never heard of it.I guess it is supposed to be a type of dry cleaner for the home. Did all women in the 20’s keep their hats on indoors? Gotta love those hats.I had to google that washer. I was wrong.

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  2. Love the art work in these ads. I can just imagine today the subliminal messages from the hat makers industry for their product placement in these ads.

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  3. I loved all of the ads. They really do tell us so much about the attitudes of the times. I am wondering how my kids would react if they asked for Oreos and I presented them with arrowroot biscuits instead. I may have to try it as some sort of psych ops thing.

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  4. Alison Says:

    I’m not even kidding…a few years ago we remodeled our little mountain cabin that had been in the family for 50 years. We found a washer just like the one in the picture! We donated it. Man! I wonder if it would’ve gyrated?

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  5. Great…now I’m getting hangry for some Oreos.

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  6. I simply must have gyro-foam.

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