Sitting At The Foot

Rhone at Andance, southern France, Kodachrome @ NGS

A woman sits, perhaps speculating about the three maidens who hurled themselves down into the river below, after hearing word that their lovers were lost in the Crusades.

A fellow WordPress blogger was able to take a more current shot.

It reminds me of the Randy Travis song, “Three Wooden Crosses.” It always hurts my heart to see crosses on the side of the highway. Lives lost, people missed.

10 thoughts on “Sitting At The Foot”

  1. There’s a lot of the little home made shrines along the roads around here and everyday there are multiple news stories and most, sadly, involve innocents hurt by fools who drink and drive or use drugs and drive. On the other hand, in Texas I hear you folks leave armadillo monuments right in the middle of the road in remembrance of those leprosy carriers. Any truth to that?

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    1. Armadillo corpses are a dime a dozen around here, but I wouldn’t leave a monument to one of those critters. It’s funny you mention that bc today the pastor was talking about all the possum and skunk carcasses he’s seen lately.

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