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Heck Of A Halfway House June 20, 2018

Filed under: 1950s,Advertising,Art,Culture,History,Nostalgia,Vintage — kerbey @ 10:09 am

Corby’s Whiskey 1957



8 Responses to “Heck Of A Halfway House”

  1. Benson Says:

    That is my kind of halfway house. Never heard of Corby’s but if they plan on drinking that whole bottle their golf is done for the day.

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  2. Was this in a Canadian magazine? I’ve only ever seen Corby’s in Canada.

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  3. “Halfway House” for me only has connotations of rehabilitation of various types so it seems funny to see it attached to alcohol advertising.

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  4. GP Cox Says:

    My kinda golf course!! 🍸 🍸 Cheers!!

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  5. Everybody knows Bourbon is better ! 😀

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