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Turns Out They Were Saying ‘Merica Back In ’58 June 7, 2018

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This 1958 Ford ad isn’t cropped or split down the middle of a page. It actually says “Merica’s” instead of America. I’m assuming it was implied that the painter had painted it on the part of the billboard to which we aren’t privy. But as it stands, it’s pretty funny. And the rest of the ad itself was peppy and colorful.


7 Responses to “Turns Out They Were Saying ‘Merica Back In ’58”

  1. Benson Says:

    Old ads are like old cars Timeless. I miss the so called muscle cars.

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  2. ksbeth Says:

    who knew? )

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  3. It’s ‘Murica. Spell it right or go home. Get off my lawn and take your “scientific Impact-o-Graph” with you, furriner.

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  4. It makes me twitchy that they omitted the A when the artist had control over the composition and could have included it. I’m a control freak.

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