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Spread Your Wings And Stay Put

1933 SMU Rotunda

Pictures like this keep my blog title accurate. I don’t get this at all. Southern Methodist University students dressed to the nines behind a wide-winged pelican (statue, I presume). Campus isn’t near the beach; it’s in Dallas, and the mascot is a mustang. What does it all mean?

Deeper into the yearbook, bobbed flapper hair was all the rage.

Ain’t she a catch?

The inner yearbook cover offered this interesting map, with lines radiating from the university campus. Note the lyrics to “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes,” the first printed version of which had only just appeared in Carl Sandburg‘s The American Songbag five years prior.

Another I Don’t Get It moment.

7 thoughts on “Spread Your Wings And Stay Put”

      1. LOL. Never in my life have I had perfectly coiffed eyebrows. I can’t image she was born that way.

        As to candle wax, I’ve dripped it more than once on my own hands, usually around Halloween. 🙂

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  1. Well obviously the lady in the third picture fluent in coquette. I can’t imagine any Jack Armstrong “All American Male” resisting that pose. That Pelican shot will just remain a mystery. That is a great map even though its purpose is inexplicable.

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