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When Young Thomas Rocked His Knickerbockers

Take a gander at young Tom’s confidence, even at 14! So petite but so sure of his fashion choices.

Sporting knickerbockers was on point in the 20s and 30s,ย as you can see in this image of Walt Disney and a pint-sized star.


Women began to don them as well, however controversial. Think of them as cropped bloomers that allowed freedom of movement while in no way being thigh-flattering.


Knickerbockers found popularity in many sports, particularly golf, baseball, fencing, bicycling, and yes–the curious sport of curling. Check out these 1924 curlers!


Their calves must be frigid, bless their hearts. Looks like they’re sweeping up Rumbas off the ice.

14 thoughts on “When Young Thomas Rocked His Knickerbockers”

  1. You see many baseball players sporting the knickerbockers and I kind of like it. Total throwback to the beginning days of the sport. I may be not in the majority but the 1920’s look is a fav of mine ๐Ÿ™‚

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