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Baked Alaska To Celebrate

I have so many questions about this image. Some simple assumptions would be that this couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. And by the lettering to the right of the cake, I’ll assume the wife is named Cora. But why is she wearing a dress and pearls, when he is wearing a robe and boutonnière? Is that a cake or just a heap of whipped cream? Is it melting? And what is that brick before the cake? Surely it’s not napkins.

6 thoughts on “Baked Alaska To Celebrate”

  1. That is an odd picture. Maybe the old groom thought his robe was a smoking jacket and he wanted to be suave. As far as that pile of fluff goes I wouldn’t venture a guess. It does look like a pile of whipped cream or meringue.

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  2. I think it says “Congratulations,” not Cora. Maybe the brick is a box with a slit in it, for people to donate towards a suitable outfit for Clarence, or to pay for the cake disaster.

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