People Are Strange: 1950

Nu Sigma Nu 1950, Cactus
Alpha Kappa Kappa, UT Galveston

Grandpa wasn’t the only one smoking. And evidently, supermodel Christy Turlington was there.

I can’t even explain what’s going on up there.

They laughed at knobby knees. 

They said “How” and sat next to teepees before cultural appropriation was offensive.

They looked like Gomez from “The Addams Family.”

They did chores.

And they wore these boss golf shirts.


7 thoughts on “People Are Strange: 1950”

  1. I bet that Nu Sigma Nu guy is a mime. I hate mimes. I’d probably hate Nu Sigma Nu but I never heard of that frat house before. Turns out it was a medical frat that disbanded its national but still has 4 independent chapters somewhere. (Snappa Cappa Bud here)


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