Hot Dishes, Part II

Debbie looks pleased as punch to be clocked in at New York’s Buckhorn Family Restaurant. Maybe she needs a bite of cow to up her protein levels. The meal is called “Texas Steak and Eggs” but this Yankee is missing the Southern sweetness.

Shelley seems much happier, if not reluctant to be photographed, to be serving up fish and chips at Ontario’s Westwind  Tavern.

There we are! Jenny at Dalman’s in the North Pole, bringing the welcome wagon. Yes, I WILL take the grilled beef steak and onion, thank you. A 20% tip for Jenny!

13 thoughts on “Hot Dishes, Part II

  1. Yeah ol’ Deb is a New Yorker fer sure. The fish appears to be IQF. No great appeal to me. Steak and onions! Look at those onions! Gorgeous. They could take away half those taters wouldn’t hurt a thing. Gotta watch the food costs.

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    1. Yep, you’re still thinking like management with food costs LOL. So many folks would waste those fries, so you’re right. I’m with you on the IQF. When I waited tables at a steakhouse, I would lose my mind over people eating half a T-bone or prime rib and not even taking it to go. All that dumped in the trash. Even now, when I see people leaving their tables, I want to yell, “You left a half a bottle of wine! Drink it up!” You’d think I lived through the Depression. the way I hate to see waste.

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      1. I am the same way. If I have anything left over I take it home. Even bad food. I figure I can do something to it. When I was young and went out to dinner with friends the server would sometimes bring us the left over bottle or carafe of wine to finish. White;red; didn’t matter when you are really young.

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    1. Yes! The author clearly likes more beige in his food than I do. A lot of the pics look bathed in fluorescent light. But I’m eating bright green arugula right now, and that was not in fashion in 2004, when these pics were taken. 😉

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