Gas Shortages To Blame As Well-Dressed Bus Tourists Take To The Roof

8/49 Natl Geo

In tandem with today’s other Andorra post, I share with you an Andorran coach, which visited three countries in 30 miles. Thirty miles, that’s precious. That’s like half a commute to work. Anyway, these folks were celebrating Patron Saint’s Day by driving up nauseatingly curvy dirt roads and then getting out and cavorting about in the heat. Fun!



    • Yikes, that’s a good question. They don’t look Lilliputian. However, my son’s bus has them sit THREE to a seat for all highschoolers, and many of them max out over 200 lbs (again, I’m reminded of Mariah’s thigh meat), so perhaps if that is how they were rolling, then 60 could fit.


Observation and Interpretation:

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