15 thoughts on “Caution: Coors-Powered

  1. In this part of the country Coors wasn’t legal to sell back then. I had it a few times via “boot leggers”. It had a great rep; probably because it was illegal. When I went West I realized it wasn’t as good as the rep would allow. It wasn’t (isn’t) a bad beer. Just not a great beer

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    1. Wow, I had never heard of that. I can see how you’d want the forbidden stuff and then what a letdown it would be. Why on earth would it not be legal? It’s so weak.

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      1. Indiana has really weird liquor laws. I was told at the time that Coors had to be transported cold and Indiana would not allow cold beer( ready to drink) to be transported. We are still fighting to have cold beer in grocery stores. I would guess it has a lot to do with lobbyists. But what do I know. I am just a tax payer.

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      2. How about that? When I take wine or beer to a party, it’s so easy to just swing into the grocery store and grab what’s cold. I didn’t think that would be an issue but I guess it does make you have to wait to drink. It seems like more Indianans (what’s the word?) would just say screw it and go to a bar.

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      3. Hoosiers can get cold beer and wine in package liquor stores not grocery or convenience stores. Ironically a grocery chain with a pharmacy can sell hard liquor but not cold beer and wine. Also those same package stores can’t sell cold pop. Most have pop machines outside. Also some sell cups with ice just not cold Coke. Crazy. Liquor sales on Sunday are odd as well. By the drink no carryout, unless you are a brewery then you can sell carryout on Sundays. I am just tickled pink that we all have a big daddy watching out for us. At least we don’t have dry counties or cities.

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  2. I was in Guam in ’75 and all the ex-pats took turns smuggling Coors into the island. The effort exceeded the value but, at the time, Coors had an iconic image and legend. Having just returned from Colorado today, I can say that Coors continues to sell well but the artisinal beers have captured huge market share along the Rockies. (By the way, does everyone in Texas go to Colorado in the summer? Sheesh, you people were like cockroaches all over the State and I say that in the nicest way!)

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    1. LOL I don’t know anyone who goes to Colorado at all. But that’s funny. An artisinal Beer near a Rocky Mountain sounds good right now. So you were in Guam?


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