6 thoughts on “Thermal Conductivity In Spades”

  1. Great photo, but so many thoughts . . . should they be wearing hard hats? Do they even know how much weight that ceiling holds? Has there ever been an earthquake in New Mexico?

    It’s a good thing that’s not around today because they would be stolen in a moment to support someone else’s lifestyle choices. Sad but true.

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    1. My mind wondered about earthquakes, too! Not a safe zone. Ah, and you are right about the copper. I think it was in our a/c compressors when we had them replaced a few months ago. I know people steal it. The world is full of desperate thieves.

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  2. Wow. All I could think of is how cool it would be to have a kitchen full of copper ware. I started collecting Revere ware about 1 year ago. I go to second hand stores and look for them. I would go crazy if I ever found a copper pan or pot.

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    1. I swear I had not noticed. They look pretty gross. I’ll say monkeys, knowing full well it’s not skinned monkeys. Maybe whatever they are, they’ll taste great in a stew.


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