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The Great Pre-Tinder: Tales Of Love From The Washateria

1970 Blackcat
1970 Blackcat

What better place to meet your new beau than at the laundromat, when you’re wearing your last-ditch threads and macrame vests while your good clothes toss around in suds? These girls discovered a fun-sized satin-jacket-clad boy emerging from the bowels of a Huebsch dryer. Bonus: he could very nearly fit into the laundry basket! Score!

9 thoughts on “The Great Pre-Tinder: Tales Of Love From The Washateria”

  1. Ha! Back in those days it was considered a requirement to dress up when ever going out of the home. Women actually put in good clothes to go to the washeteria.

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    1. You know what is so funny, Paul? Yesterday I was looking at a 1949 LIFE, and they had a cartoon of a laundromat with a naked woman seated, waiting for her clothes to dry. Nipples and all. And it was 1949!

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