This Diamond Ring Doesn’t Shine For Me Anymore

Corbis/Bettmann UPI
Corbis/Bettmann UPI

Forget pawn shops. These two freshly-divorced women threw caution (and jewelry) to the wind in observance of the Reno, Nevada custom of tossing their rings into the Truckee River. What I don’t get is why they wouldn’t want to sell them since it was 1932, amidst the Great Depression. At least get enough to buy a celebratory whiskey! And why were they wearing Hawaiian leis in the middle of the dessert? And what did their husbands do to warrant such a dismissal of vows?

In 2013, The Huffington Post shared this image, with Nevada still #5 in a list of Top Ten Divorce Capitals.


Any of these hotspots look familiar?

10 thoughts on “This Diamond Ring Doesn’t Shine For Me Anymore

      1. They made so much money on being the divorce mill, they didn’t want to change the law. In fact, it was how Nevada survived the Great Depression. As sad as divorce is, the plight these women were in back in the early 1900’s could be even worse.
        As far as I know, the law was never changed, they simply lost the title because other states’ divorces laws lightened up and Nevada revenue became casinos.

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