This House Possessed

Dave Martin/AP
Dave Martin/AP

Actually, This House Possessed was a 1981 made-for-TV Parker Stevenson movie that gave me the willies in my formidable years. But it wasn’t nearly as scary as this shot of men being chased by a house. I bet they could give Usain Bolt a run for his money in the 100 meter dash.

When we think hurricane, we probably think of Katrina, but 1998’s Hurricane Georges was no picnic for folks in Key West. The 90-mph winds tore through homes on Houseboat Row.

Houseboat Row

Nowadays, Houseboat Row looks like this:

Is that winky face tempting fate? Is he squinting into the sun? Or did a seagull just make bad-bad on him?

13 thoughts on “This House Possessed”

  1. When I think “Hurricane”, I think Hurricane Hank Armstrong, or Hurricane Rubin Carter…. or Hurricane Peter McNeeley…. OK, just a ton of boxers…. no one said I was normal!

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  2. Very cool pictures Kerbey. We so rarely have weather that moves houses here that I’ve never seen such. Our biggest weather related danger is snow and snow load. Snow load refers to the weight of the snow on roofs and structures, especially when it is wet in late winter. The weight can get so great that the building collapses. It is why most houses have a pitched roof – to get the snow to slide off. Still, most people have to go out and clear off their roofs sometime during the winter


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    1. That is a nightmare of a picture. I’ve never seen more than 2″ of snow, so it just seems soft and fluffy, not heavy and deadly. Maybe you could just put some solar powered something on your roofs, like hot tiles, and they could just turn the snow to water?

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      1. There are a lot of options out there to stop this from happening but many are pricey. Most people will rake (very long handles) or shovel their house roofs or install heaters as you mentioned. Generally other structures like barns, porches, industrial buildings,or sports venues (very large often flat roofs) are what succumb to the weight.

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