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Sensible Beachwear June 29, 2016

Riviera Cocktail by Quinn

Riviera Cocktail by Quinn

Never one to be showy or go overboard, Liz Taylor sports a calf-length mink coat and three-pound bracelet as she walks her dogs in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat with her two sons, Michael and Christopher, in 1957.

Who could blame her for visiting southeast France, when it looks like this?

Here she is holding infant Christopher, whispering to husband #2 that she plans to separate from him the next year and eventually entertain five more husbands (and six more marriages).

But one thing is consistent: sensible beachwear.



Those rocky crags look comfie against bare thighs and taylor-made for high heels. See her pushing away both sons with a firm palm, while daughter Liza Todd (from husband #3) sits pensively, counting step-fathers.


8 Responses to “Sensible Beachwear”

  1. I lost track. Are you counting Richard Burton as 1 or 2 husband(s).

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  2. Paul Says:

    Very neat pictures Kerbey. Liz Taylor looks so young in the first photos. I remember her as always being older.

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  3. Benson Says:

    Wonderful pics but the captions are the best.

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  4. “Pensively counting step-fathers” made me guffaw. Thanks for that.

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