10 thoughts on “Milk And Corn Flakes

  1. Awesome – memories. My Dad was a bread-man and the H.O. had some old pictures of the bread wagons that were horse drawn and the 1920’s bread trucks. The salesmen were all dressed to the 9’s with vests and ties and hats and polished shoes. That was a career then, not just another blue collar job. Maybe it was that jobs were hard to come by so everyone gave their best every day. Man they were sharp looking. So much pride in their looks and jobs. As much as i know we are far better off with health care and life expectancy and safety, etc – there are still times I am envious of the guys in the eraly 1900’s where pride in a job well done was a hallmark of the times.

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    1. Every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man. People should still take pride. My husband is constantly getting commended at work for just doing what they pay him to, instead of slacking off like others. And don’t get me started on how awful waitpeople are. No pride at all.

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