Once Upon A Time, In My Wildest Dreams

El Rancho 1974
El Rancho 1974

Confidence goes a long way toward getting chicks, and this lion’s-maned manmeat has it in spades–or checkers. The trousers can’t be Sansabelt because there is most definitely a belt, in all its gleaming white glory.

It’s such a shame that I was in cloth diapers when these handsome hotties from 1974 were swinging and single. How could a gal ever choose just one?

Those mutton chops, that ‘stache, the white groin pockets, the button fly–it all means business.


My stars, evidently the candy man can with his supersized camera. I feel like we caught him in the middle of a shuffle ball change.


All I know is he mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good.

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