Light It Up, But Don’t Inhale

LIFE Century of Change
LIFE Century of Change–Gordon Tenney

Nope, this isn’t like Clinton denying that he ever inhaled. If you can believe it, these business execs were gathered at a meeting to encourage lighting up. It was 1963, the year before the surgeon general’s warning against smoking, and heck, even the president did it.

The cigar manufacturer, Stephano Brothers, taught lessons on how to enjoy a stogie without inhaling, a means of career advancement by sophisticated habit. Sounds like pretense.

Even Ronald Reagan knew the score.


Isn’t it odd how it refers to the “satisfying fragrance” of cigars? Pipe smoke, now that’s a horse of a different color. That smell makes me happy. Cigar smoke, not so much. However, these ladies didn’t seem to mind.

10 thoughts on “Light It Up, But Don’t Inhale

  1. Many years back I inhaled cigars. Many years back I was pretty stupid too. Up until 4 years ago smoking in a restaurant or bar was at the volition of the owner. Now it is banned every where in the County. The few times I have ventured into a place outside the County I am amazed at how I was able to tolerate that smell.

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  2. Right? I don’t know how I used to sit in bars and deal with it. In Austin, you can’t smoke at all, but in the suburbs, where we are, you can–so if we go shoot pool, it makes my hair reek the whole next day. Probably not your biggest problem. 😉


  3. As an occasional cigar smoker, I must say I love the smell of a good cigar… and there is a difference. A good cigar may cost $35 a piece… layers of finely cured, aged tobacco, painstakingly grown on farms in Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, or Cuba… meticulously hand-rolled by artisans yielding their craft handed down from the generations… no artificial ingredients added… a fine cigar, like a fine bottle of wine… an experience to slowly take in… the combination of the cigar’s subtle notes of earthy spices. An event, really. For the best cigars, a proper duration of burn could last 3 or four hours at one sitting. This is contrasted with the machine rolled, mass produced “swisher sweets” 3 for 99 cents type of “cigar” sold at the gas station, made with all kinds of toxic chemicals and artificial tobacco. Terrible smelling, quick burning, crap! Loved the montage of pictures you chose for this post!

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    1. I’m gonna take your word on that. We got some Cubans from relatives in Havana, and my husband and his buddies have spent (like you say) 3-4 hrs having guy time and smoking cigars. But yow–when they come inside, it still stinks to me. Maybe I would have to appreciate it better. I definitely would agree that Swisher Sweets would be the Boone’s Strawberry Hill of the cigar world.

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