9 thoughts on “Gussyin’ Up”

  1. Wow, there’s a shared seriousness about all their expressions. isn’t there? i can’t recall watching someone watching themselves in a mirror before, perhaps we all look like that when pondering ourselves?

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  2. It’s quite interesting to me, Kerbey, that’s basically no difference in the look or feel or style from 1941 t0 1960 photographs. Imagine the change in a 19-year time leap now? And, was your Loverboy song “The Kid Is Hot Tonight” perhaps? That was mine, along with “Working for the Weekend.”

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  3. Gussyin’ up. Now that is quite the old timey phrase. These are some very good candid shots. You’re right the top shot is the best. Most compelling. Is it the dressing room of performers, at a theater? Or is it the ladies lounge of a swank night club? Inquiring minds need to know.

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