17 thoughts on “Just In Case You Were Looking For Her

    1. Second Waldo reference today! The neurologist pulled out a scarf-looking thing today, red and white stripes, and my son asked, “Where’s Waldo?” He lives on…


  1. So now we know the source of the Princess Leia hair style. These ladies sure have big corsages. Little Pill appears to be quite the lady’s man. I think his companion might want to re-think her choice in foot ware. Such a feminine dress with those shoes and socks? Curious.

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      1. When I was a kid that nickname was used on people who were mischievous, or prone to getting into trouble. I just figured that was the case for him.

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      2. Oh! I was thinking girls needed to take a birth control pill around him. Comedian Tracy Morgan (before his accident) used to say he could look at a woman and get her pregnant. Yes, your explanation makes more sense. Like a bitter pill.

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