Bruce Jenner Laryngeal Shave Sparks Concern

Shreiner Institute 1967
Shreiner Institute 1967

So much for the Adam’s Apple.

I don’t know what’s finally prompted the transition of the former Olympian, if ex-wife Kris’s penchant for plastic surgery spurred his interest in mangling a perfectly good face, or if the overexposure to a house full of Kardashian estrogen seeped into his insides, the way it does in kids who eat too many chicken nuggets. I’m not here to mock Jenner; I just DO NOT GET IT.

No one can argue his 70s hotness. Perfect hair, white-toothed smile, testosteroney sideburns out in full force. I realize it’s not 1976 and that getting old sucks. Wrinkles and gravity and cancerous growths on your face, they all suck. But dangit, Bruce, why did you have to go and tamper with that? Couldn’t you just go gently into that good night? Everyone with surgery looks like a melting Yankee Candle.

Perhaps it’s harder to go from a 10 to a 4, then it is for us 7s to simply slip to a 5. It’s a longer fall, that’s for certain. Or did you never think you were a 10 to begin with? Tell me, is it a form of body dysmorphia that led you to all these nips and tucks and French manicures?


Perhaps Jenner has felt the wrong gender his whole life. But shouldn’t he have been honest with his wives from the get-go? I wouldn’t appreciate it if my husband decided in his 60s that he wasn’t going to ride this whole male thing out any longer. If we two are one in a marriage, I would have liked to have gotten a head’s up on that whole gender identity pre-engagement. Preferably before TEN children and stepchildren came into the picture.

Now I realize these surgeries are getting more prevalent by the second, and we’re all supposed to applaud their bravery and wear ribbons in the name of open-mindedness, but imagine if you weren’t just clapping for Jenner from the sidelines. What if it was your dad or your grandpa? You can say “It’s still the same person in there,” but the truth is, it’s not. Gender identity is a huge part of your sense of self. Women don’t look or act like men, and (right or wrong) they don’t get treated the same. Because they’re not.

Ultimately, you can’t change an XY into an XX. At least not in 2015. It’s mostly a botch-job mutilation, a best attempt at what the medical staff had to work with. Call me selfish and narrow-minded, but I don’t want my son to chop his body parts off someday. What a difficult decision to make. And I don’t want him to wade through a sea of shemales to find a wife, or to have to worry if the woman he is dating used to be a man and doesn’t share that tidbit until the third date. It’s a shame that anyone would be born one sex, feeling like their Creator got it wrong. What a complicated burden to bear. Perhaps  if Jenner had had his choice, he would have been a woman from the get-go. Then again, if he had his choice, strangers wouldn’t have opinions about his personal life. But such is the nature of celebrity.

So go ahead and bash my ignorance, LGBT community. Scold anyone who has honest questions and concerns and can’t quite jump all aboard this disconcerting bandwagon. I don’t hate people who transition. I hate the fact that anyone feels like they have to.


13 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Laryngeal Shave Sparks Concern”

  1. Wow and Wow again. I think this is the best post you have made. I agree 100 percent. If other folks don’t “get it” (your comments0 they can go take a flying Kardashian.

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  2. Well, if he must do this, Kerbey, he probably did discuss it already with everybody who needs to know why. And that does not include you or I. It’s not for us to have to get.


  3. Ah, the ins and outs of humanity. Such fickle creatures we are. Personally, I think that Jenner should be whatever gender he wants. If he chooses surgery for that, then so be it. You are right Kerbey it is an unusual change for a man of his age, but he obviously felt it would bring him some peace – how can we say no to that? Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that our gender is a continuum between male and female and each person lies somewhere along that continuum. Which means we all have a bit of both genders but most are primarily one or the other, It explains how a few seem to end up with private parts that don’t match their internal feelings. To date there is no objective way to measure that, so all we can do is take the desires of the person as the determining factor: if they say they are female, then all we can do is accept it. After all, freedom is one of the cornerstones of the American way – as long as he isn’t hurting anyone else, which he is not.

    Cool post Kerbey. My guess is that the majority of your contemporaries would share your opinion.

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    1. …Unless he is hurting his kids and his now ex-wife with not only a new identity, but all the media coverage. Hopefully, they will be able to switch from Dad to Mom or will they still call him Dad? He did raise them as a man. And yes, it is a free country, and he is not harming anyone else’s body. I do hope it brings him peace. He must want it televised, or he wouldn’t be showing it on his show.


      1. Oh for sure he is using this as a media booster.Like they say – any news increases viewership. As far as him hurting his wife and kids, they are all adults and they too should wish him well in the quest for peace. I wouldn’t count that as a negative – if they are accepting and non-judgemental, there will be no pain.


      2. He has two teen daughters. How could he advise them not to get breast implants if he does it himself? It would really make me question my identity if I were a teen. And it would make surgery seem like a very real option for everything I saw as a flaw. I’m sure they will love him no matter what.


  4. but how do you really feel about this issue, Kerbey?;-) Right now I don’t care overly much about celebrity fetishes, etc, though I am sorry for folks who don’t fit so easily into “society” for whatever reason. Life is hard.

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    1. Caring about celebrity lives is an indulgence certainly. With the real pace of life and its demands, it’s best to focus on what really matters.


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