The Face That Stirs No Emotion

Dogs 033

I used to be a sappy, squeezy, snuggly dog person, but after the unspeakable incident of ’03, I have made my heart dead inside. To an extent. So even the cuteness of Tonto fails to arouse a wellspring of joy.

I feel like Jemima looks. Oh, the ennui.

Dogs 021

Barely tolerating the wretched burden of this life thrown upon her. She used to be a contender, dining on duck treats in a pre-Hurricane Katrina Big Easy, but then she got craigslisted by the lumberjack-bearded friend of her dead owner and wound up in our back yard, hardly suffering Tontos gladly.

Dogs 058

So she chases him. Tries to chase the stupid out of him. To no avail.

Dogs 011

Round and round they go, her ten-year-old limbs chasing his younger, jauntier, more bassetty frame. Dogs 009

And still she is bored. And still he is stupid.



    • I don’t think I’ll ever love them like I did when I used to brush my old dog’s teeth. Maybe if I get another heeler who can sit in my lap like the old one. I love to see all kinds of dogs, but I am jaded. I am turning into a cat.

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  1. My what an enigmatic post. Who is the bored one? You or one of the doggies? Your doggies are beautiful. I am a sucker for critters. Dogs. cats. Fish not so much unless deep fried. So once again some real purty pictures.

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    • Jemima is bored. I am tired. Tonto is mentally challenged and despite years of love and attention, still chooses to pee himself. He was from the pound, so no telling why he cowers. But then if you pet Jemima, he gets jealous and butts in and pushes her away. He’s quite rude actually.

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  2. As a bonafide dog guy, I am now a member of the Jemima and Tonto fan club, Kerbey. I’d watch them go round and round for minutes at a time before going back inside the AC. Great photographs. I think you like them more than you are hinting at here.

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  3. I love dogs, but have in the past 10 years taken to cats, too. I love how dogs seem to have boundless energy, demonstrated by their tails wagging away. Your dogs are adorable and would be happy to watch them over and over again!

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