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Thursday Trash Day: Level Epic


We reorganized our guest bedroom over the last few days, tweaking the western theme and moving furniture, painting touch-ups, and hanging frames. In the process, an old (read 1980s) dresser, about as tall as I am, was kicked to the curb for today’s trash men to carry away to a landfill far away from subdivisions, where people like me don’t have to give it another thought. Praise da Lort, as Madea would say.

Of course, we realized the dresser would be long gone by the time the trashmen made their mid-morning rounds; the scavengers come at sunrise to whisk away one man’s trash and make it their treasure. This is a given. Always has been, always will be. These are the same people who arrive for 10am garage sales at 7am, hepped up on Lort-knows-what and eager to haul off half your stash. Is it the same where you live?


22 thoughts on “Thursday Trash Day: Level Epic”

  1. It is exactly the same here. One of my wife’s cousins was a city bus driver who was dumpster diver on the side. One day while on her route she saw an old love seat on the curb. She stopped then bus, and had a rider help her drag the love seat onto the bus and then take it to her home. She ran late on that circuit.

    Don’t get me started on the last garage sale that we had. Maybe I can do a post about that sometime.

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    1. I have every picture of my life, of my friends, of every scanned yearbook/book/magazine in organized folders on my hard drive, named by the source, and would you believe, like a dumba$$, I labeled this “bonfire”? I can’t remember. All I know is I scanned it from one of the hundred picture books on Jan 3, 2015. Usually if you click on the picture, the source will be in the name. Ugh.


      1. Wow, you’re so much better than I am at this! Sometimes if I scroll through Facebook, I can find random photos from my past 🙂 Your photo library is impressive!

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  2. wow–that is a heap of trash. I tend to be the one making someone else’s trash my treasure. Love to recycle. But then there comes a point when you don’t really need another piece of furniture, etc. Would love to hear more about the “tweaking” you are doing. ??

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    1. I don’t really believe in feng shui or any of that, but there’s definitely a flow to a room, and this one just hadn’t even been great. We moved the bed to another wall, got a diff entertaiment center that was sleek, not dated, a new widescreen TV and gave Goodwill the last of our older chunky TVs (now all flatscreen), hung new framed paintings, spent 3 days at Lowe’s and Home Depot dealing w/ can after can of paint/primer, trying to get a dang matte finish instead of glossy. I redid the walk-in closet with new furniture (yes, it’s huge), quilts, pillows, comforters, etc.

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  3. It is the same where I live, Kerbey. The people in this pile of treasure you show, though, they must own the biggest pickup in history. I also can picture them accomplishing this by use of crane and the world’s biggest magnet.

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