15 thoughts on “Campus Voting Day”

  1. This post is so full of fun and peril, Kerbey!

    A burro furnished by a joint by the name of Old Mexico, carrying two candidate dames who know enough to dangle their gams to win votes but forget that they best not block their names with the goods!

    A down-and-out looking candidate by the name of Munger with a pretty good campaign slogan about to be run over by a rankled opposition supporter for sunshine all the time barreling in on a bicycle!!

    Confusion about the proper use of harmony because they want Leonard!!!

    A man who’ll look a woman in the eyes for Smith and another who’ll look elsewhere for Huntington!!!!

    This campus had election fever all over the dang place.

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    1. I don’t think anyone else could sum it up better. It’s like you’re a reporter or a journalist or something. 😉 It makes me want to go cast my vote! And pet a burro. And sing harmony.

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    2. I am going to piggy back on all of Mark’s comments as he noticed so very much. I will also vote for Mr. Mark. Hurrah! My afternoon plans have been scrapped as I will be making signs to put Mark into office instead.

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