10 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Helper (And Kitty’s 9th Life)”

    1. That was one of my chores when I was young–probably the last generation to do that. Yes, what a bummer to have to go grab everything and then do it all over later. Especially if you were waiting to wear your favorite shirt!

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  1. oh, Professor Reddick. He’s a family man. That walker is so not going to keep lil’ Reddick safe. Broken bones, pinched skin, lead or other metal poisoning–she’s a goner.

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  2. Hanging diapers out to dry on the line, I bet that lil cutie would be chafed to death before any of the maladies Liz mentioned above would get her, Kerbey. The cat’s claws would just bounce off the stiff clothes, too. Hanging out my laundry to dry on my backyard clothes line to save laundromat dryer quarters during my re-single years were a lesson in ‘yeah, they smell fresh, but goodness, that breeze-dried sure leaves my clothes, shall we say, more than a tad stiff.’ Who needed spray starch back in the day?

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    1. Good points, these. I know a lady with a baby who uses cloth diapers, and I think she’s crazy. You know, like that polka dot Yaya lady, or whatever her name is. 😉


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