5 thoughts on “Twenty-Eight Days Of Fabulous

  1. What is happening on the 18th? It has a bigger tag than the 14th. Probably she is getting married, poor girl 😉 And what’s up with the crepe-paper jailed ladies with the fine aquanetted hair? However will the young lads find them behind those (presumably red or possibly pink) streamers?

    Do you have big Valentine’s Day plans, Kerbey?

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    1. Hmm. My guess is that VDay being on a lame Tues, the real party was on the 18th on Saturday night. Maybe that is how wallflowers did it then, hiding behind pink streamers.

      I’m not a fan of VDay. My hub’s bday is a few days prior, and mine is a few days after, and neither of us likes presents much, so it’s a full 11 days of spending money on things we don’t want and eating out when we are already full. Do you have plans?


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