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Class Favorites 1946

Martha reminds me of a longhaired Ava Gardner.

I like the musical background behind Jim Bob Floyd (three first names!).


Barbara must be feeling for ashy elbows, but she looks like she’d be some fun, especially on Superbowl Sunday. Actually, the first Super Bowl wasn’t until 1967, over 20 years after this picture was taken.


Check out Charles. Have you ever seen a more broad-shouldered, smooth-faced young man? He’s built like Brigitte Nielsen. In fact, he may even be lying down on a thatched floor, resting those long ladyfingers.


18 thoughts on “Class Favorites 1946”

  1. These four young people are beautiful as well as majestically photographed, Kerbey. Goodness, breath-taking care taken in posing and lighting here. Although I have say, as is my wont, get a last name Jim Bob Floyd! And Charles Shelander, your jacket clashes with the backdrop!

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  2. It is with utter shame that I admit I had, and wore proudly, an identification wrist tag identical to that on young Charles. Mine said, “Luv from Linda”. That was about as close as I got to getting some real love from Linda. Ultimately the chrome finish wore off, the base metal rusted and stained my wrist and the tag, along with Linda, went bye bye. That’s probably too much information but I felt the urge to share. Now I feel the urge to nap.

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