Tonight I Bleach My Eyebrows




    • Nicely done. She is very much a Muriel–that was the wife’s name on that 80s Ted Knight show. I rather think Camellia is a better name. But people would call her Camel, I guess. And that would lead to a much worse nickname.


  1. Ugh. How can anyone see anything other than those thick black eyebrows just inches away from curly, short “blonde” hair? Sorry but that is really dumb. My late brother’s first wife had the same look.

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  2. How far you’ve strayed from yesterday’s hotties in plaid. But you never know–these ladies may have small glasses of sherry not captured by the camera, which would mean they are having a rollicking good time, bleached hair or no.

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  3. It may just be the B/W picture but do you notice that both flowers are white on top and dark underneath? Do you think the artist is maybe sucking up to the teacher?


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