11 thoughts on “Smiles, Sledding, And That One Sullen Guy With Great Cheekbones

  1. so what I would like to know is how sliding down a snowy hill on little more than a few wooden boards nailed together and squished with so many other grown-ups could possibly be fun. For sure the guys on the right are the “pushers” and they’ll give a mighty and wicked push and the sled will do a 180 at some point and everyone will fall off and possibly someone could break a limb. They should just stay inside and drink hot cocoa.

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    1. Well, Safety Monitor meets Logistics Queen, I can’t possibly address that, never having been in an actual sled or sleigh or other snow-related SL-word. Maybe they ripped it apart and made a bonfire later?


      1. I am just grumpy today because I don’t think the temp will go over zero. And I am tired of it being this cold and we’re not even mid-January yet. So those who choose to frolic in the snow will get no warm words from me.

        Sledding is fun when you’re six. And I do remember sledding down the hill in front of my college dormitory with friends who had stolen trays from the cafeteria. But those were solo rides–no cozying up with others.

        Boo winter.

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      2. Yes, winter blows, and it’s only January. I’m sorry about your zero. That should not be a thing. Years ago, a chiropractor told me adults should not jump on trampolines, as it will compress their spines, so I imagine sledding should be included on things left best to youth. Sigh.

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  2. Guys and gals, so sure they’re happy. Four of each, even. I think Sullen Guy is frowning because he’s so tall and his to stoop further than the rest and thus compress his spine even more as he pushes away. He doesn’t mind pushing the four gals, but thinks the two guys on the sled are getting a free ride, besides. Especially the too happy guy spooning the mostly-hidden gal. She may have a look of horror on her face. We’ll never know.

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