Fat Shaming & Lubrication



Look, we all have obese friends who ask too much of our heirloom furniture that we just had appraised on Antiques Roadshow by those buff Keno twins, and that stinks, but the good news is that Texaco can MARFAK your car. What on earth?

Snapping wicker=bad

40 Point lubrication=good

Makes perfect sense, right?

22 thoughts on “Fat Shaming & Lubrication

  1. Well, fat can be melted down and used as an oil for librication or fuel for a lamp. Perhaps they did liposuction on the big guy, made him thinner, so he wouldn’t break your furniture and then melted down his fat to make lubricant for the 40 point car lubrication? That would explain the link andwould be a win/win situation.

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  2. This is indeed a head scratcher. I guess Paul’s idea is as good as any. Was liposuction done back then? I thought that was a contrivance of the 90’s. But what is Marfak? It sounds both nasty and compelling at the same time. But hey Fred Allen hawks it so it can’t be too bad.

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  3. Holy moley, Kerbey. This one sent me to Google. And. Touchdown!

    First off, MARFAK was the brand of oil that Texaco used back then. Who know.

    Secondly, I was right about portions of the Texaco jingle of my youth, but wrong about the operative word. I remembered: “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the big, fat, Texaco star!” I found a YouTube clip from 1970. And a chorus sang it during a halftime show at a football game for the commercial. And the word wasn’t “fat,” it was “bright.” Ruins the tie-in with the big guy and the wicker chair for me. Unless it was fat when I was a little kid and they changed it later because of protests, that is. Anway, enjoy.

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    1. Mercy, that is a lot of pom poms, sparklers, high kicks, and choreography for an oil company. Did anyone ever TRUST gas stations? I can only take it as far back as Mom asking the attendant for “$9 of regular,” but this was before then. I bet that was the only ad they had with a larger person on a chair. At least you can still recall jingles–that’s pretty good for one who is…hey, is your bday this month?


      1. My birthday is next week, Kerbey! I think. 🙂

        Jingles were the best at getting products deep into your skull. The original earworm, without a doubt.

        Besides, no jingles, no Barry Manilow, no “Copacabana.” The hottest spot north of Havana … Friday cocktail dance party at 5 p.m., Kerbey’s Life room! Lola and Rico may be in attendance, I hear.

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  4. How dare you talk about two of my favorite topics – fat shaming and lubrication – while I was out being Marfaked. I actually know some jokes that combine obesity and lubrication but, sadly, they are inappropriate for this classy venue.

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