20 thoughts on “Wet Pumpkins Judging Yellow Sportscar

      1. It is supposed to be a new picture. When I first liked your latest post that diamond thing showed up and then it changed to the picture. I don’t know.I just want to use my Indiana Benson look.

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    1. “Hey, what’s THAT guy trying to prove?” Actually, those guys just had a tow truck drop their other green sportscar off, so things are not well in the kingdom.


  1. Those pumpkins and squash and gourds look pretty shady to me. I think they are scoping out the hot sports car with bad intentions. With the big one – tall enough on end to see out the windshield – steering and one squash on each of the brake and gas pedals and one riding shot gun, they could go joyriding to show off their car to the other vegetables. I’d call guns and gangs if I saw those characters hanging around.

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