17 thoughts on “Rolling Pin Discipline

  1. Oh the old rolling pin gag. I have often wondered if there was as much truth to that scenario as the comics would have us to believe. Isn’t the frying pan and rolling pin the standard weapon of the offended spouse? I always thought that were a wife sufficiently PO’d at her mate why not wait until the old SOD went to sleep and beat him with a piece of hose? Or if you lived in a big enough city a rolled up phone book. But maybe I have put too much thought into it. You do find the most interesting pictures.

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      1. I just answered in American Sign Language and then remembered I have to type on WordPress, Kerbey. Yes, that is very far back. Did you every see it, where she plays Patty and her identical cousin, in black and white? Very goofy stuff.


      2. Just little clips, not an entire episode. It must not be in syndication. I remember seeing a few “I Married Joan”s when I was a wee one, and then that disappeared like it never existed, and no one knows of what I speak.


      3. I hate when shows just disappear into thin air. Not even on YouTube? Egads. In ‘Enough Said’ Gandolfini’s character works in the TV museum, where every old show clip is stored and catagorized. I bet this fictional place would be the place to go, Kerbey.

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    1. This could have been a 50s era scoliosis test to see how flat he could be–or perhaps his upper back was inflamed enough to generate heat. I know it wasn’t tilapia cooking, because that wasn’t trendy yet.


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