All Aboard The NiteCoach


I’m afraid you couldn’t pay me to board a Greyhound bus in 2014. Flying economy on Delta last week was enough to enforce that I am not a woman of means, and sharing a bus (other than perhaps Jake Owen’s tour bus) would be insult to injury.

But seventy years ago, I might have been game. The lady caressing her head above looks satisfied. Okay, perhaps quarters were cramped. Five bucks said she hit her head on that dome light more than once.


But I’m certain the porter kept the pillows fluffed. Pretty snazzy uniform if you ask me.


And take a gander at the streamlined style of the double-decker transportation. Jed Clampett (on the far right) seems impressed.


14 thoughts on “All Aboard The NiteCoach”

  1. I had no idea that buses were ever that snazzy. I last time I road an over night bus you had to sleep sitting up. If you could sleep at all. I guess we were lucky the coach had in door plumbing.

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  2. All of it says one thing to me, Kerbey. Motion sickness. And I do not think they made the ear patch that I use for my cruise ship. I get sick on a train if I have to sit in a seat facing backward. The bunk would have done me in.


  3. What do you suppose she’s reading? Looks like it’s distressing her a bit or maybe it is just motion sickness. Totally looks cramped, you called it.


      1. Girl, I have so many life magazines with potted meats inside gelatins, it’s enough to gag you with a slotted spoon. Slatted spoon? Dangit!


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