Myrtle Memories

Myrtle Beach Day I 025As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a week now. My family and I took some time to visit Myrtle Beach (our first trip to the East Coast) and our first flight together.

Charles iPod 244

We stuffed ourselves on insanely high-priced meals (burgers run about $17), visited Broadway on the Beach, as well as The Boardwalk, frolicked in the waves, and took a spin on the Sky Wheel.

Myrtle Beach Day I 023Now that I am home, belly full of Tex-Mex food, I have loads of laundry to do–and lots of catching up here on WordPress! Glad to be back.


23 thoughts on “Myrtle Memories

  1. Ah, Myrtle Beach memories. I have some. I was 19 and me and a buddy drove from Pittsburgh 15 hoursin the heat with no air conditioner in his van in the middle of summer. Checked into a room, showered. Went to a bar on or right off the peer. Got a cold beer and stepped outside the front door of the bar. Wrong move. Cop was there and I was arrested for drinking in public. He also found two joints in my pocket. Sweet stuff. I spent the night in the darkest hottest hell hole imaginable. I don’t know how my friend got me out the next day. But it took all of our money. He flushed all the weed out of paranoia. What else. Kissed a couple of girls on the beach. That’s it. I wonder if they still pull that isht on unsuspecting kids. Other than that I loved it.


    1. Oh, dang, you’ve made me sad. I didn’t think it was going to end that way. I had no joints on me LOL. Just a $15 margarita at Margaritaville and some Cokes at the Bowery, which was there back in your day. Ha! At least the arcade still took quarters.
      Sometimes I think about how many summers we spent riding in cars w/ no a/c. How could we ever do that now. Are we soft? Are we a culture of constantly comfortable people (other than our obesity and achey joints of course)? What a burn I recall on hot clicking metal seatbelts. You think your buddy remembers that trip?


      1. I don’t know. I sometimes wonder of he still remembers the last $50 he owes me for a Les Paul Custom I sold him years later. As far as AC… I think it’s because we’re fatter that we can’t handle life without AC. It’s all related.


  2. Well Kerby glad to see you back. I missed you so much I nearly lost my appetite. 17 bucks for a burger? You got some great pictures though. Any interesting TSA stories?


    1. My son didn’t have to take his shoes off, but we did. We declared (put in quart bags) our less than 3 oz bottles of hair product, but they still confiscated our unopened, still wrapped Walgreen’s sunscreen. I learned there is no need to take a curling iron to a city with 99% humidity. I also was surprised by the red Delta wrap dresses on the attendants. So cute!!


      1. They wrap around and tie at the side of the waist. The men wore black turtlenecks like they were about to read beatnik poetry. ???


  3. Welcome home, Kerbey. Missed your photos, but your wit and warmth way more.

    Your first sampling of vacation pictures are stupendous.

    Sorry your first trip east clobbered you with 17-buck burgers and 15-buck Margaritas. Come to Syracuse one vacation. The prices are normal, but we have no ocean or Broadway-on-anything. Karen and I will take you and hubby to Shifty’s for local music and we’ll spring for normal folk drinks.

    The first family plane journey sounds exciting. I hope the TSA agent enjoyed your Walgreen’s sunscreen. I would have smiled and accepted a diet Pepsi (yeah I know) from the women wraps and demanded that the male free-style a beatnik poem to whole plane.

    Did anybody in your fam at least play mini-golf for a post for us?

    Glad you’re back here, my friend.


    1. I typed a long reply to you and it disappeared. Ugh. We are packing for Shifty’s right now. Save us a spot.

      Actually, my son was having a problem listening and obeying yesterday, so we DID go to the Jungle Lagoon but he was not allowed to play. Then it started pouring, and my hub and I continued, me in a wet Hawaiian dress. Then it got too heavy. We had paid for the all-day pass to do both courses, and they closed it down with no refunds. So we never got to play the other side with the rhinos. He gave us a wooden nickel “rain check” to use some time in the next 50 yrs. As if.

      That’s one thing about Myrtle Beach: the courses say $5 all day play on the sign, and then you walk up, and it’s actually $11 per person. WTH? They have stores that say Everything Under $5.99 and you go inside and there are things for $20. It’s just outright lies to get you in. That’s not very nice. But the Spanish moss and pine trees were gorgeous.


      1. That bait and switch advertising just plain sucks, Kerbey. Imagine if it was kind of spindly moss and sickly trees instead of Spanish moss and pine trees? That would be the topper.

        Did you go to that Opryland music place? Karen sent to Myrtle Beach last summer with her girls-only vacation and loved that place.


      2. No, we couldn’t pack that in–and frankly, we didn’t drive pass that area until the last full day, when we went to Ripley’s Aquarium and Margaritaville, which has a huge hurricane come down from the ceiling with a big rum bottle (yes, it’s weird) about every 20 min–and girls in pink on stilts, making balloon animals. My son got an Abe Lincoln hat and beard. Anyway–it would have been fun. It’s expensive. The Opryland parking lot was PACKED. I mean it looked like 3000 cars there. A whole city.


      3. I’ve been to Margaritaville in Key West and Niagara Falls, Canada and never got the Honest Abe. Drats.

        Yeah, Karen says the Opry had a discount ticket night on a weekday and that’s when they went, with a coupon they got.


      4. No hurriicanes. They had a huge screen of the falls and rain jackets and a paddle boat. Nah, made up the rain jackets and paddle boat parts. Just the big screen of the falls.


  4. Welcome back! Like Hendle said up there, those pictures are postcards. Glad if it was a good time–spending too much money is all part of the experience. When the girls were sick on our vacay, I spent $8 on a Styrofoam container of rice, only to find out that the sick kid was fast asleep when I got back to the hotel. Was tempted to force feed her in her sleep. Eight bucks for a cup of cooked white rice? Sheesh.

    But this is about your vacation, not mine 😉 Looking forward to hearing more. Any trip with you would be a fun one. What I really want to know: How’d you sleep?

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    1. $8 rice is crazy. Feel free to tell me all about your Disney experience. That’s why I’m here.

      So you know I have a Tempurpedic, right? Two x-long twins inside a king frame to minimize shaking, shifting, etc. A line down the middle to denote where one does not cross. This bed there was a king, granted, but it was what I imagine riding in an early Model T was like, all jangly and bouncy. If I deeply exhaled, the whole thing shook. So the first two nights, I tried to sleep on it, then wound up moving over to the hard day bed with the yellow blanket as heavy as a bag of bricks. I tossed and turned there until daybreak. The grounds of the plantation were mowed DAILY for the golf course, so landscaping was always there, making it pretty, putting dried leaves into circular piles at the base of large, twisty trees. But also you could hear them going by. So long story short, I awoke hourly but at least got a few hours each night. Back pain was just awful. It was better than Galveston, where I got 1-2 hrs each night, so I can’t complain. Wait–I can always complain. 🙂


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