26 thoughts on “Pharmacy Girls

  1. What a trio of fresh faced young ladies. Since two are cheer leaders is the one in the center the coach? Couldn’t help but notice the Salem display. Won’t be long before that goes away.

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  2. I don’t care who they are or where they work–I just love that they’re from 1982. #ilovethe’80s

    p.s. I’ve never done a hashtag (at least on purpose) before and I won’t do it again, promise.

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      1. When I got this new theme, I noticed you could check “like.” It’s easier than saying, “What you said made me laugh very much.” Ha ha. I think you can add it to any theme. I have liked others’ comments on other blogs.


    1. I’m in your initials–Myrtle Beach–for the week. I don’t have much internet access, but I can say a quick hello. I’ll catch up next week! Hope you and Karen are well.


      1. We are. Thanks for the MB report, Kerbey. Enjoy the East Coast! Talk to you upon your return. Too much to think that you’ll play one of those great Myrtle Beach golf courses with your hubby and son?


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