Relics From The Past


I’m tempted to post a picture of Madonna (the title demands it), but instead, I will share machine-looking things with switches and cords that make things go.


Did you know what a linotypist was?


I recognize two items here: a typewriter AND a phone!


And of course, corded phones that require both a mouthpiece and an earpiece.


I’m afraid this, too, has been relegated to relic status.




13 thoughts on “Relics From The Past”

  1. In the physics club, members are taught to guard their apparatus from injury by fun-loving classmates. Key lesson, Kerbey, I’d say.

    Yes, I know what I linotypist is.

    Oh, journalism in the olden days.


  2. That first picture is a gizmo to enlarge photographs. I know what linotypists are. It really wasn’t that long ago that was a viable career. I never thought physics and fun loving were words that went together. I really like that girl’s shoes. I am glad you refrained from posting Madonna’s picture. She should go the way of the 8 track. And no I did not have an 8 track.


  3. I know what all of them are and have one of the first one in good working order although my youngest daughter (she’s 23) use my darkroom more than I do 😉


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