Relics From The Past


I’m tempted to post a picture of Madonna (the title demands it), but instead, I will share machine-looking things with switches and cords that make things go.


Did you know what a linotypist was?


I recognize two items here: a typewriter AND a phone!


And of course, corded phones that require both a mouthpiece and an earpiece.


I’m afraid this, too, has been relegated to relic status.






  1. In the physics club, members are taught to guard their apparatus from injury by fun-loving classmates. Key lesson, Kerbey, I’d say.

    Yes, I know what I linotypist is.

    Oh, journalism in the olden days.


  2. That first picture is a gizmo to enlarge photographs. I know what linotypists are. It really wasn’t that long ago that was a viable career. I never thought physics and fun loving were words that went together. I really like that girl’s shoes. I am glad you refrained from posting Madonna’s picture. She should go the way of the 8 track. And no I did not have an 8 track.


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