Mint Is Busting Out All Over

Springtime April 001

The budding twigs spread out their fan,
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there.

–William Wordsworth

April (minus the ominous dark clouds and lightning that never once lead to a drop of precipitation but simply pass over us like the Jake Ryans of the world to the wallflowers at a high school dance) is lovely. As you can see, I have more mint than I can shake a stick at. I doubt I’ll use it for more than one glass of iced tea. What I will eat, and what my best friend and I called “pickles” in our childhood, are these little sour cones:

Springtime April 002I don’t know what they are, but I know you can eat them (pesticide-free!), and you won’t die. Other than that, my plant knowledge is limited. I would never make it on Naked and AfraidI lack any survivor skills, and rather than try to determine which mushrooms are edible and non-toxic, and knowing I’m bound for eternal glory, I would simply shuffle off this mortal coil and head toward heaven’s brunch buffet. Surely they have migas!

However, while I remain in this mortal body, I have already spent (statistically) half of my years–which means half of my Aprils are gone, and that is a shame. Perhaps heaven is eternally April? But then I would miss my Octobers…


17 thoughts on “Mint Is Busting Out All Over

  1. Jake Ryan was easy on the eyes that’s for sure. As was Jordan Catalono if I may speak for the wallflowers. I’ll take a mojito please. Looks like you have enough mint to spare.


  2. Wow. Sour cones. Other than sour what do they taste like? I love mint leaves. Mint tea, mint juleps, mix it with cilantro and pit in in salsa or on tacos. Mix it with flat leaf parsley and make tabouli salad. Or sub cous cous and call it cabouli. Mint is muy versatil. Lord I sound like that dude in Forest Gump. But seriously, your thoughts on an Eternal April and missing October are touching and bitter sweet. I don’t get the Jake Ryan reference. Is it something esoteric or am I just dense?


    1. Just a teensy one inch crunchy bite. Oh, I do like tabouli, now that you say that. It’s so darn expensive. No, you’re not dense; he’s just a cute boy in an 80s movie “Pretty In Pink.” If you knew of him, I would think you were odd.


      1. Tabouli salad is cheap and easy to make. If you can’t find cracked wheat try some cous cous it’s cheap. Stay away from the Pearl. It’s outrageous. Thanks.


  3. Did you read this? Highly recommend. Learned more about Jake Ryan and why he didn’t continue on in Hollywood. Looks like he followed his dream and built a successful woodcrafting biz 🙂

    But back to the herbs–mojitos, my friend, mojitos. Actually grew “mojito mint” last summer. Thanks for the sneak peek at greenery 🙂 Happy harvesting.


    1. I did know he was a woodworker now. I’d let him wax my finish. No, I guess, I wouldn’t. But I would have in 1986. I seriously need that book. I always judge book by their covers, and that cover is boss. They make a mojito mint?


      1. Not sure that someone makes mojito mint. Wouldn’t it be bred that way by crossing stems and roots and seeds and such? We should ask our husbands.

        Bahahaha, wax your finish. Nice! You must read the book. I would send you my copy if I had one, but I got it at the library.


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