No Low T Here

1981 Navy ROTC Midshipmen

What is this? Animal House meets the Village People? No, maybe not the Village People. Although they sang “In The Navy,” I doubt these Navy ROTC Midshipmen spun a lot of VP on their turntables. Check them out in their weapons and combat gear. This is where I make an obscure reference to Howard Jones in the way way back (the tall, Aryan one), but perhaps that’s more a Pandoran influence than reality. Anyway, I think we can all agree who the alpha male is here, in this portrait of masculinity. It’s knee socks guy. You know it is. The posture, the marriage of vest and tie and ripped daisy dukes, the sassy confidence. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. Seriously no Low T here.

Don’t know what “Low T” is? Why the heck not? The TV is riddled with commercials about Low Testosterone, alternating between those hormone replacement commercials, where longhaired women in their sixties confess how happy their husbands are that “my libido is back.” Your grandparents didn’t have to worry about this stuff, right? My grandparents spent more time absorbed in Readers Digests than they did at the corner Walgreen’s, refilling prescriptions for afflictions they were too ignorant to know they had. BECAUSE THEY HADN”T BEEN INVENTED BY BIG PHARMA YET. Complaints were limited to arthritis, goiter, and bursitis. But not today’s society.

Let’s not. Who cares about your Low T? You’re not getting any action regardless, pajama boy. I bet that’s herbal tea in that mug. Yeah, I have heard about the lonesome loser. It’s you. Dang, just when I thought my libido was back, you had to send it away. Curses!

Just think, somewhere out there, hundreds if not thousands of pharmaceutical company employees are getting paid to brainstorm up some fake diseases to prey on our fears and our wallets. Did you know my gums are receding? Perhaps that’s blog-induced bruxism (BIB)? And just like diabetes, there are two categories:

  1. The bruxism (teeth grinding) I have at night while I sleep, wondering what to blog about the next day
  2. The bruxism due to reading blogs that oppose my core beliefs, causing me to clench my jaw in defiance and fight the temptation to respond with a violent outburst or clever barb

You, too, may have BIB. Where’s the pill for that? Oh, they’re working on it?

(Disclaimer: side effects may include sleepiness, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, loss of appetite, dry mouth, anal leakage and sudden death. But really, isn’t anal leakage as bad as sudden death?)


13 thoughts on “No Low T Here

  1. That group photo, Kerbey, is so scary to me because the year is 1981, no the ’50s and ’60s stuff you more usually deliver. These dudes are my peers!! Gack!!! I must ask, though, did you photoshop out the “Halloween, …” that came before the “1981” perhaps?

    If not, these guys all suffered from fratboyocoli, a disease that big pharma could not create a pill for because they were out-lobbied by big Budweiser.


    1. It just gives their names below. It doesn’t mention a holiday. Surely they were being silly. It says they shared household duties in their co-op and gave each new member the name of a bird for their mascot, since the house was called The Crow’s Nest. I’m sure they are much tamer now.


  2. Sydney is holding the annual Mardi gras in the next couple of weeks. Your first picture would be the perfect marketing poster for it, with the tag line being “Don’t fuck with us!” 🙂


  3. Kerbey,

    Enjoyed this post (and enjoying your blog).

    Neither my Daddy or neither of my Grandaddy suffered from an “affliction”: called Low T.

    They were always too busy creating, providing, building, working, etc to take time to drive to the local CVS.


  4. Sooo… I am supposed to fight the temptation to respond with a violent outburst or clever barb? your equally clever selection of photo’s and commentaries call out to me and beg me to do so (minus the violent outburst). Does this mean I have other possible symptoms?


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