Hoop Dreams


Nobody could rock a hoop earring like Jody (“Lookin’ For A New Love) Watley. Rumor has it that she hasn’t shrugged since the mid-80s. Many people tried to copy her style. Some went so far as to marry it with a quilted jacket and hat. Oh, no, you di’n’t…


Even modern-day Watley can’t rock a hoop like 1987 Watley. Sometimes you just need to let the style go gently into that good night. These earrings look about as silly as the albino Unibomber behind them.


And as for quilted jackets, these two guys are doing it right–though they don’t appear too thrilled about it.


Maybe they’re upset because they’re using a generic toilet paper, and their bums are all bristly. They should try this:


8 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams

  1. I wish the hole on golf greens were as big as Jody Watley’s hoop earrings, Kerbey. And the best thing about quilted jackets is they work really good as an extra blanket if the furnace goes out.


Observation and Interpretation:

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