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Bazaar Was Bizarre

???????????????????????????????We visited the Blue Genie Art Bazaar in Austin, hoping to find some unique gifts. This art was easy on the eyes.

???????????????????????????????Small booths showcased different artists with a wide range of talents.

???????????????????????????????Some prints revealed the artists’ love of the city.

???????????????????????????????Some things made me hungry.

Some things just plain creeped me out.

???????????????????????????????And some just hurt my eyes.

???????????????????????????????In the end, we wound up leaving empty-handed. Although the pieces were interesting, they were vastly overpriced. Perhaps they were intended for pretentious, high-income Austin hipsters who congratulate themselves on funding the hobbies of former U.T. art majors. Too harsh? So is $55 for a set of six coasters. And with so many children there, it seemed curious that many items were covered in curse words, too filthy for me to type here. One thing’s for sure: Austin is still keeping Austin weird.

10 thoughts on “Bazaar Was Bizarre”

      1. It does seem along the lines of Warhol pop art toilet paper to wipe my bum with–or perhaps some Mona Lisa kleenex to wipe my nose. I don’t want to have the same Hobby Lobby mass-produced pics as everyone else (though I do), but I would have felt like a tool trying to sell my charcoal college drawings for more than $10 apeice.


  1. since I do art work on the side and have tried to show/sell my art work at some galleries in my old home town I would like to have a moment of rebuttal on the pricey concept. In the mean time: Holy crap! looks like I need to get a hold of this place and see if they would sell any of my work. Yay!


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