1950s, Advertising, Culture, History, Humor, Nostalgia, Pics, Texas, Vintage

With Love From Tulia

Hornet57-002Floydelle Pannell, I hope you never married, because losing that maiden name would be tragic.

Hornet57-001“Oh, LaQuita, you will never KNOWWWW anything about my home, I”ll never know how good it feels to hold you…”

Hornet57-004Just chilling on drugstore stools, kicking back with 6 ounces of tap water.

Hornet57-006A quarter for a gallon of gas.  That’s all I have to say.

Hornet57-005Is Gaye blind, or is she holding a rake?  Either way, they’re all having a good chuckle.

10 thoughts on “With Love From Tulia”

  1. well howdy is that really Jean “Jeanie Bug” Barbour on the CB in the top pick?!? We used to talk to her all the way up and down I-75 from Jellico to Atlanta. Breaker 9 Jeanie this is the big bad wolf with the hammer down is there any smokey’s out there c;mon


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